Art is closer than you think

The way we look changes what we see


As I already told you, I study painting at BAA. I used to paint since I was a little kid. My mom noticed that I have a bend for it and found a private teacher who turned out to be a very passionate, incredibly sensitive person with his own perception of the world. Mr. Hudson kept telling me that the way we look at things changes the way we see them and the mission of an artist is to show it to others. ‘There are no rules,’ he said. ‘You are the one to decide how it should be done.’ Of course, something like this is too tricky to grasp when you’re only seven. But eventually, as I grew up, all these words started to make sense. I still repeat them to myself while working on another painting. And they really help me! Freedom of expression is also what I appreciate in works of art created by others. Today I want to tell you about one of the people who have it.


An artist you should be aware of


This is my favorite artist. His name is Leonid Afremov. I bet you never heard about him because he stays away from hyped up galleries and doesn’t promote his art through loud scandals like some of his colleagues. You don’t need to buy tickets to luxurious art halls to check out his works. They are all available in the internet. The artist runs his own website where you can see his pictures, find more information about his life, worldview and painting technique and buy any of the canvases online. I fell in love with them at first sight! Those vibrant colors, bold strokes and amazing atmosphere were hypnotizing even on the screen and I could only imagine how great they would look in the flesh! So I decided to order one painting I was a bit afraid Afremov might sell me a cheap counterfeit instead of an authentic work, but my fears were ungrounded:


  • Everything arrived very fast, within a couple of days.
  • The painting was real. I could see that it was freshly painted, because it still smelled of oil.
  • There was the artist’s signature in the corner and the canvas also came with an authenticity certificate.
  • And lastly, the price! Since I hit the deal of the day, it was surprisingly low!


Now this fantastic painting hangs in my bedroom inspiring me every day. So if you want to decorate your place with something just as beautiful, you know where to look!

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